Keeping snuggly warm in the freshly dried towels

Keeping snuggly warm in the freshly dried towels

Okay, so I would just like to thank Aunt Bobbie for alerting Mom to this workaholic cat named Romeo who has his own blog and is on Twitter.  Now Mom thinks I should be doing something similar to raise money to help all the needy cats in our area.  I say, they can get jobs themselves and let me go back to napping. Gee whiz, don’t I have enough to do without trying to keep up with a cat with the obnoxiously sweet name of Romeo!!?

So, here is how it happened: Aunt Bobbie was reading The Columbus Dispatch yesterday and there was an article about Romeo and his human staff.  Romeo the do-gooder raises money for rescue groups through Twitter and via Romeo’s Blog, which just basically features tons of cute photos of this fluff muffin Romeo.  Granted, I don’t have that much hair, but I am still just as cute!

Romeo is a Persian cat (can we say high maintenance?) who came from a rescue group in Marysville that Mom once wrote an article about: The Forgotten Persian Rescue and Friends  In fact, Renee, who started The Forgotten had a lot to do with setting up many of the spay and neuter programs at the Union County Humane Society, which is where I came from. 

Romeo has over 6,000 followers on Twitter who get messages every day about what he is doing.  Let me explain a cat’s life to you so you won’t have to continue getting his updates if you are one of his Twitter friends: We eat.  We sleep.  We try to get Mom to give us treats each time she goes in the kitchen.  We sleep some more.  Some where in there we use the litter pan and try to get under Mom’s feet so she will fall and knock herself in the head and forget that she just fed us and feed us more! And that sums up the hectic day most cats lead.

But if you would like to check out the cat who has made my life less relaxing, go to and read how Romeo wakes his human staff each morning.  I’ll tell you how I did it this morning:  I clawed my way through half of that fuzzy monkey on Mom’s head that she calls a hairdo.  Once she is bald it will be even easier to wake her with gentle, perfectly placed stabs with my claws.

I guess my days of cuddling in a warm dryer of freshly laundered towels are almost over.  Mom is all atwitter about this Twitter thing.  She is not as technologically hip as Romeo’s humans, though, so it may take her awhile to figure out how to get me involved with that.  So for a while longer, I’ll find a warm place to nap and hope the only “twittering” I hear will be from the birds outside the window.

Your humble, non-Twittering friend (so far), Oswald P. Kitten, Esquire

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