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This is a really neat use for mismatched plastic doghouse tops or bottoms and it comes directly from Indy Feral and F.I.D.O. (Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside). These groups take the tops and bottoms that do not fit together to make an actual doghouse and use those to make modified feral cat houses. These feral cat shelters allow group housing for cat colonies and are changed in such a way that dogs can no longer get inside the openings, therefore protecting the cats.

We have often found that when we’ve tried to use the normal plastic doghouses for feral cats, they seldom will stay in them. We think it is because the openings are too large and they don’t feel safe from intruders. But by modifying the openings so they are smaller, the cats can enter and be secure from larger animals.

Indy Feral works in central Indiana to offer assistance with stray and feral cats and they always have lots of good ideas about providing shelter for outside cats. To read more about them, visit:

F.I.D.O. works to improve the quality of life for outside dogs in the Indianapolis area. To read about them:

If you click on the flyer at the top about the houses, it will take you to a page that just shows the flyer. Click on it again to make it larger so you can read it.

Dr. West and Simon before he left Noah's Ark for his new home.

Dr. West and Simon before he left Noah's Ark for his new home.

Simon is the gorgeous lynx point Siamese who I told everyone about a few weeks ago. Simon was the only survivor of a hoarding case in which the elderly woman, who was caring for the cats, entered a nursing home and the cats were all turned out in the snow or left to die, trapped inside the trailer. Luckily, a kind hearted neighbor saw Simon and rescued him just as he was close to death. 

Simon has been through a ton of medical care since then. His feet, when he was first brought in out of the snow, were covered in feces and cat litter from conditions inside the trailer. All of his paws were raw and sore from being caked in this nasty concoction. By the time he came to us, his paws, except one, had healed and that paw had huge scabs on the pads that would pull open and bleed. After weeks of foot soaks and antibiotics, Simon’s feet finally are close to normal, although he will always have scars on the pads from his ordeal. He can, at last, use regular cat litter, as well. For weeks, he had to use Yesterday’s News, the litter made from recycled paper, instead of the finer sand and clay litters to prevent the tiny grains from embedding in his sore pads. 

I also freaked out when I noticed that Simon had a drinking problem. Not that our boy was a lush or anything, but he would actually stop eating to drink water. And he would suck down bowl after bowl until he made himself sick. I worried about diabetes or kidney failure from his near death experience. Instead, Simon had elevated sodium levels due to the fact that he had not had food or water for a very long time and his body began to lose sodium from inside cells. With the sodium outside their normal cellular state, Simon felt as if he had just eaten a can of salty peanuts. Sodium is what makes up salt and so these elevated levels made Simon extremely thirsty. He had to be hospitalized and given fluids repeatedly to bring the sodium levels back to normal.

Dr. West said Simon’s favorite perch in the hospital was on the sink next to the faucet. He knew that was where the water came from.

Finally, however, Simon’s sodium reached nearly normal levels and he could actually leave water in a bowl. At one point when Dr. West first tested him, Simon drank four bowls of water straight down and promptly threw up.

I had been corresponding with a very nice lady about Simon for several weeks. She wanted to adopt him and patiently waited for his foot to heal and for Dr. West to decide if he needed to have all his teeth pulled on top of all his other issues. Then when I told her he might have more complicated problems, she held her breath and waited.

And, thankfully, I had good news for Karen. Today, she was finally able to take Simon home. This sweet boy truly deserves a life of leisure and happiness after all the trauma he has witnessed in his short life. We offer up a toast to Simon’s turn of good luck. And we know that Simon will drink to that.

Simon and his new mom, Karen, off to toast Simon's turn of good luck.

Simon and his new mom, Karen, off to celebrate Simon's turn of good luck.

Mom says I am spilling over the edges.Mom says I am spilling over the edges.

So Mom came home with a gift for me today. She said it was for everyone, but I was the first one to jump in it, so that makes it mine. It was this super new bed that is round and squishy and oh, so lovely. I squeezed myself into it and still had plenty of room to squirm.

But then Mom came in the room and saw me in the new bed and she started laughing. She said I was unable to be contained within the bed’s boundaries and I was oozing out the edges like filling from a Twinkie.

How Rude!

The filling in the cupcake--that's me, the sweet stuff inside.

The filling in the cupcake--that's me, the sweet stuff inside.


I will not let Mom’s comments on my weight make me self conscious. I am so sweet that anyone would be happy to have an extra pound or two of me to love. Besides, I will have my revenge when I jump on Mom’s chest in the morning to wake her up. Rise and shine, Cupcake.

If this was a pair of jeans, Mom says I'd need two sizes larger or I'd pop a button. Mean Mom.

If this bed was a pair of jeans, Mom says I'd need two sizes larger or I'd pop a button. Mean Mom.

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