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Black and Orange is nominated to participate in the Chase Community Giving campaign where 196 groups will be chosen out of thousands to win cash prizes. The group with the most votes will win $250,000, while runners-up have the chance to win $100,000, $50,000, $20,000, and $10,000.

Check out the rules for voting by going HERE. Chase customers with an online account will receive two votes at You can only use one of those votes for Black and Orange. We would suggest using the other vote for PetPromise, who is also nominated and would like to win the $250,000 to build their cage-less Animal Community Center.

Facebook users who allow access to the Chase Community Giving app will also receive two votes. You can again only use one of those votes for Black and Orange. Facebook users will also have an opportunity to earn one bonus vote on Facebook. According to Chase, this bonus vote may be cast for any Eligible Nominated Charity even if the voter has already cast a vote for the same charity–so you could use your bonus vote again for Black and Orange.

Vote for Black and Orange on Facebook HERE.

Chase Customers who are also Facebook users can vote at and Facebook. If a voter who is a Chase customer casts votes on both and Facebook, the voter may vote for the same charity twice – once on and once on Facebook. The same voter may vote a third time on Facebook if that voter earns a Bonus vote. The bonus vote can be used for Black and Orange, as well.

Earn an extra bonus vote on Facebook by clicking “Like, Send, or Tweet” on the page after you vote. If anyone follows the link and votes, you get an extra bonus vote that can be used for Black and Orange.

Chase Customers could potentially vote five times–and they could vote for Black and Orange three times–once at, once on Facebook, and again on Facebook with a bonus vote!

Vote on Facebook HERE.

If you are a Chase Customer, Vote at HERE.

Please help us win. We would be eternally grateful for just the $10,000 prize!!

I learned about Moo Kitty Finds a Home in a posting from a fellow blogger, Robin Olson at Covered in Cat Hair. She was announcing that the children’s book had won an award from “The Mom’s Choice Awards,” honoring “excellence in family-friendly media, products or services.”

I was intrigued first off by the kitty’s name in the book. We have our own “Moo-Moo” in Black and Orange who started out with us in foster care (named Brady at that time) and was adopted by her foster mom, Kristin. Moo-Moo is Kristin’s term of endearment for her blue-eyed Siamese girl. Moo Kitty is so named in the book, because of his black and white coloring, similar to a cow’s markings.

Secondly, from the title, I knew this was a book about a cat being adopted, so I wanted to find out more–if it promoted the kinds of beliefs we hold dear at Black and Orange.

And, it did! Moo Kitty Finds a Home encourages people to look past the cute kittens and consider an older cat as a companion.

After visiting the web site for Moo Kitty, I quickly purchased two copies of the book–one for myself and one to donate to our local library. I was very excited when the books arrived at the end of the week and dropped everything to read about Moo Kitty.

I won’t give everything away, except that the book does have a happy ending and the tears I cried were from happiness. Moo Kitty is a book that can be read again and again, because it does have such a positive message (who, after all, would want to read a sad book about a kitty that didn’t find a home!?).

The basic synopsis (which you can also view by watching the trailer for the book HERE) is this: Moo Kitty is living a wonderful life with his human, playing and napping, loved and adored. But then his human dies and all of his familiar things in his home are taken away. He is placed outside with the trash. Scared and alone, his kitty guardian angels, Fred, Calvin, and Maybelle (love those names!) appear to Moo Kitty. They tell him they will always be with him and will “guide him to safety.”

And they do. Moo Kitty is found by a rescuer and taken to the local no-kill shelter. He watches as the kittens all find homes very, very quickly and hopes that his family will one day find him.

Author Valerie Lee Veltre includes some wonderful information at the back of the book about adopting adult pets. I adore adult cats and prefer to foster them over kittens (who are too rambunctious and get into everything!). Most adult cats just want love and to hang around with you. As Veltre notes, their personalities are formed–you know exactly what you are getting with an adult cat.

Veltre also includes tips on choosing an adult pet and allowing them to settle in to your home. You can read some of those tips on the Moo Kitty web site HERE.

The illustrations by Liz Leonard fit perfectly with the message of the book. I especially liked her portrayal of the guardian kitties who appear as round whiskered faces wearing halos above Moo Kitty as he begins his journey to a new home.

If you are involved in animal rescue and speak to children in schools, Moo Kitty would be an excellent book to take along to share. If you are an animal loving parent who wants to encourage your children to be humane, compassionate adults, Moo Kitty will help spread that message.

Moo Kitty also reminds all of us who care about the plight of homeless animals that there are happy endings. We just have to listen to Fred, Calvin, and Maybelle’s advice to Moo Kitty to “be strong” and “don’t give up hope.”

To Like Moo Kitty on Facebook, go HERE.

While Tobias is happy in foster care, he reads Moo Kitty for hope that he, too, will one day find his forever family. Is the white orb in the photo his spirit kitty guardian reminding him not to give up hope?


I told everyone about the Get Your Fix web site back in March and I have become addicted to the site. The site was started by the Fixit Foundation after receiving numerous emails from people nationwide who wanted to spay or neuter their pets, but just could not afford to do so. The Get Your Fix site allows people to create a profile for the animal they need fixed and include their story and a photo. People, like me, who want to help get an animal fixed, can put in their zip code and look for animals within 25 or 100 miles from them or anywhere nationwide. Once an animal is chosen, you then make a donation toward the surgery costs. The donation amount is $100 and the folks at Get Your Fix then contact the pet owner and make all the arrangements to get the animal into a vet for the surgery.

For the people in the Columbus area who list cats on the Get Your Fix site, I’ve contacted them and sent them to the clinics we use. Black and Orange then covered the costs since we could fund a spay or neuter for less than the $100 donation.

Most of the animals I have funded personally for surgeries have been dogs, because the $100 donation is very reasonable to spay or neuter a dog, especially a large dog. The two dogs pictured, Zoe and Bo, were dogs I sponsored for my mom’s birthday last month. This photo is of them shortly after they had their surgeries. It makes me feel so good to know an animal will have a better life. And, yes, I fund spays and neuters for family member’s (and friend’s) birthdays. They understand. They know me. They think it is an unusual birthday gift, but everyone so far has loved knowing they’ve helped a dog or cat “get their fix.”

I just had an email Dr. Kellie Heckman, one of the founders of Fixit Foundation, alerting me to a grant from the Shumaker Foundation which will allow one animal to be fixed for free with every paid donation to fix another animal in the same household. That’s a 2 for 1 deal! While funds last, if you sponsor an animal in a multi-pet household on the Get Your Fix web site, a second animal will be fixed for free!

For more information about this super opportunity, go HERE.

I know I will definitely be taking advantage of this great deal and helping two animals get fixed for my one donation!

We are so happy and proud to let everyone know that the B and O blog won the category “Best Blog Writing” in the 2012 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards.

To read about all of the winners, go HERE.

Halo, Purely for Pets and donated 5,000 meals of Halo’s Spot’s Stew to Black and Orange for our kitties for winning this blog contest. We also received a $100 gift certificate to

We have some very happy kitties thanks to BlogPaws!

Take a look at the very cool award (below) that I received in the mail! I hope in the future that I can attend a BlogPaws conference and maybe take another one of these home!

Thank you to everyone who nominated us as a favorite pet blog for the 2012 Petties Awards. These awards are sponsored by Dogtime Media and are a prestigious award for pet bloggers. Petties are awarded to the top pet blogs in ten categories and each of the winners receive a $1,000 donation to the animal-related charity of their choice. Ours, if we win, will, of course, go to Black and Orange.

We are a finalist in the Best Rescue/Cause Blog category! We only made it into the finals because of all of you who voted for us in the preliminary round!

Now just keep voting to help us win! To vote for B and O to win Best Rescue/Cause Blog, go HERE.

You can vote once a day, every day and the winners will be announced on September 7.

Thank you again for nominating the B and O blog for this prestigious award. We could not have made it into the finals without YOU! Now please help us win by continuing to vote for us!

We will be holding our 6th Annual Garage Sale from Thursday, July 12 to Sunday, July 15 at Board Member, Carol Gaul’s house at 176 Anderson Avenue (which abuts Pastime Park).

Our garage sale always coincides with the Miami Valley Steam Threshers Association Show at Pastime Park in Plain City. This is the 63rd year for the Steam Show and they will be featuring the Allis Chalmers tractors in “The Gathering of the Orange.” To see a full schedule of Steam Show events, go HERE.

We are currently collecting donations for the sale.  If you have anything you would like to donate, please call Carol at 614-419-1553.

We are asking this year that if you bring items to us, to please go ahead and price them ahead of time. We get a ton of stuff and pricing it all takes several days for us. We also will not take items the week of the sale (unless you have made special arrangements with Carol). It is just too hectic for Carol to have people bring items at the last minute that need priced.

We are also looking for volunteers who can come help Carol at the sale and give her a break to grab a bite to eat or feed her kitties. If you’d like to do a shift (from a couple of hours to half a day) at the sale, please call Carol to schedule or send an email to The More The Merrier!!

The garage sale will begin each day at 9 am (maybe earlier if Carol has her coffee) and will last until the final buyer leaves for the day. We always have a wide mixture of things. So come, shop early, and shop often.

This is a huge fundraiser for us, so we want to thank everyone for donating your treasures to help the kitties. Last year, one of our volunteers and fosters, Kristin Ramsdell, donated a car for us to sell at the sale! Let’s see who can top that this year!


It is time to nominate favorite pet blogs for the 2012 Petties Awards. These awards are sponsored by Dogtime Media and are a prestigious award for pet bloggers. Petties are awarded to the top pet blogs in ten categories and each of the winners receive a $1,000 donation to the animal-related charity of their choice.

This year, each time you nominate a blog, you can also enter your favorite shelter or rescue for a chance to win $10,000.

Please nominate Black and Orange’s blog for Best Cat Blog and Best Cause Related Blog.

To nominate B and O’s blog, go HERE.

Our URL:

Shelter Nominations for $10K Pre-Petties Donation Contest: Black and Orange Cat Foundation

You can enter a nomination once a day every day between now and June 29. The shelter or rescue with the most nominations will win a $10,000 donation and the blogs with the most nominations will go to the final round of voting. The winning shelter will be announced July 16. Voting for the nominated blogs will begin later this summer. The winners will be announced in an online ceremony in September.

Thank you so much for your nominations! We appreciate all of you so much!

I get updates every few days from Modern Cat, a really neat web site that offers all kinds of items (furniture, toys, food) for the “modern cat.” In a recent email, I learned about a very cool trip that any cat lover would drool over attending.

Friends of Roman Cats will present a 12-day educational tour of Italy that will not only allow participants to visit many lovely Italian historical sites, but will also include interesting cat sites. The Cats & Culture tour will run from October 9-21, 2012.

To download the complete itinerary and pricing information, go HERE.

One of the nice things about this trip is that Italy deals with stray and feral cats much differently than the United States. According to the Friends of Roman Cats web site, Italy passed a law in 1991 that “bans killing healthy stray cats and dogs.” Rather, “community cats live openly and are fed by numerous gattare; others are cared for in sanctuaries.” The tour will visit many of these sanctuaries.

The twelve day festival of felines begins in Venice, passes through Florence and Siena, and ends in Rome. Susan Wheeler, President of Friends of Roman Cats, will accompany travelers on the tour. The price of the trip includes a $200 tax-deductible donation to Friends of Roman Cats, which will be divided between all of the shelters and cat groups that participate in the trip.

So, not only do you get to see lots of history and kitties, but you also get to help support the cats you meet–who you know will not be killed after you pass through. If you are looking for a wonderful trip this year, the Cats & Culture tour might be it!

As many of you know, Alley Cat Allies has been working with cat lovers in Canton, Ohio this past year to help stop the trapping and killing of feral cats. The group, and others involved in TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), have been trying to convince City Council to spay and neuter feral cats, rather than killing them.

In their ongoing efforts to help the Canton cats, Alley Cat Allies is sponsoring a two week Spay-a-Thon for all cats, whether they are feral, stray, or owned pets. The Spay-a-Thon will take place at One of a Kind Pets Spay & Neuter Clinic. This event is FREE and will begin on May 30 and run until June 13. If you are a Canton resident and would like more information, call Alley Cat Allies at (855) 264-CATS (2287).

Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland started Free Feral Cat Spay Day (FFCSD) in 2010. In their third year of asking vets to provide two FREE spays or neuters of feral cats to the public, they are going international. Not only will vets in the United States be participating, but also those in South Africa and Canada, as well.

In 2011, over 300 vet clinics in the United States provided free or reduced cost sterilization services to 1,500 feral cats on April 27. Free Feral Cat Spay Day is meant to build and strengthen relationships between the public and the veterinary community. Sadly, many vets still do not provide low cost options for feral cats, a population that desperately needs all of us working on their behalf.

To find out more about Free Feral Cat Spay Day, visit Alley Cat Rescue’s web site HERE.

To find vets in your area who will provide free or discounted services on April 27, go HERE. If you scroll down until you find Ohio (or just click the OH link at the top of the page), you will see that, so far, there are eleven vet clinics that are willing to provide surgeries on Free Feral Cat Spay Day. The clinic closest to us here in Columbus is Grove City Vet Hospital. There are also participating clinics in Pataskala, Heath, Newark, Chillicothe, Warren, Georgetown, Cleveland, and Gallipolis. Check out the site and call the vet offices to find out more.

If you know of a vet’s office that would like to participate in Free Feral Cat Spay Day, have them go HERE and fill out the online form.

To read Alley Cat Rescue’s press release, Click: FFCSD 2012 Press Release

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