PetSmart, boy in cage

PetSmart, boy in cage

Well, no not really, but a little boy had to climb in one of our empty cages and pretend that he was locked in.  His mom assured us that he’d had all his shots, was potty trained, and had just been fed.  

Look at how the one kitten is staring at him.  Felice and Baby Boo are wondering if that is a really big cat and hoping it won’t crawl in with them next!!


You, too, can purchase your very own B and O T-shirt for $15!

You, too, can purchase your very own B and O T-shirt for $15!


If you would like to have your very own Black and Orange Cat Foundation t-shirt, we now have them available to purchase for $15.  They come in sizes ranging from small to 2XL and feature our logo on the front and our web site address on the back.  We would like to thank Millard and Dawn Draudt, owners of Redi Quik Signs for giving us such great prices on the shirts, as well as two banners that we will use at adoption events. 

If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, please just send a check or money order to: Black and Orange Cat Foundation, P. O. Box 126, Plain City, Ohio 43064.  In addition to the $15 per shirt, please also include $2 for shipping.  Write a note to specify sizes of shirts, as well as the address where you would like to have the shirts mailed to and we will get those in the mail to you as soon as we can.  

If you’d like to skip the shipping costs, you can stop by our booth at the PetSmart on Sawmill on the fourth Saturday of each month to purchase a shirt.  We will be there July 25 and August 22 from 12-2 if you would like to get a shirt.  

Once you have your shirt, send us a photo of you wearing it and we’ll proudly display it on our web site and in this blog!!


Carol Gaul, one of our Board members, proudly displays her t-shirt!!

Carol Gaul, one of our Board members, proudly displays her t-shirt!!

Please come out to Pastime Park in Plain City for the 60th Annual Miami Valley Steam Threshers tractor show featuring John Deere and the Oil Field Engine Society this year. While you are at the tractor show, join us for our third annual garage sale at 176 Anderson Avenue, which backs up to the park.  The hours will run from 9-5 Thursday, July 16 through Sunday, July 19 with lots of great “treasures” for everyone.  All of the money from the garage sale will be used to help Black and Orange Cat Foundation spay and neuter area kitties.  

Carol Gaul, our garage sale guru, is also still collecting items for the sale.  If you have something you would like to donate, you can call her at 614-419-1553 or email her at

This is a huge money maker for us and in the past we have raised almost three thousand dollars to help the kitties.  So please come out and support us.  We also have a good time with this event.  Make sure to look for Carol’s husband, Chuck–he’ll be the guy in the girly hat looking to joke with you about a few extra kitties you should take home along with your garage sale purchases!!



Chuck, in his flowery hat, oversees the garage sale.

Chuck, in his flowery hat, oversees the garage sale.

Slobberfest Tent

Black and Orange Cat Foundation spent Saturday, June 13 at Coffman Park as part of Slobberfest, A Celebration of Dogversity and Cattitude.  You can visit the web site at to find out more about the event which was sponsored by the Humane Society of Madison County.

The event, which ran from 11-4, hosted nearly 40 different rescue groups each of which  brought adoptable animals, including dogs, cats, and even rabbits to a lovely park setting in Dublin, Ohio.  

We set up a tent (which we use at our adoption events at the PetSmart on Sawmill Road–thanks to Pat and the gang for allowing us to borrow two tents for the event) and arranged several items for display and sale, including reversible  dog bandanas and cat beds, and lots of educational info about our group and TNR.  

We also brought several adoptable kitties to the event: Artimus and Xandria, Miss Bells, and Mitch and Clayton. Mitchie was not in the mood for an event and actually led us on a grand chase through the house to avoid attending.  And we probably should have taken his advice and let him stay home (especially after wearing ourselves out with a fifteen minute run!).  It was a bit too hot outside for the kitties who refused to drink water at our command (when does any cat take orders?) and a bit too noisy with lots of barking dogs.  Additionally, many of the dogs were quite rude and boldly stuck their noses too close for Miss Bells’ comfort–she proclaimed with much spitting and hissing and retreated to her litter pan for much of the day.

We did send the cats home early–once they were back in the comfort of air conditioning, they forgave us our sin of forcing them to bask in the June heat.  And while we did not have any adoptions, several of the other groups did find new homes for their animals.  Kudos to them!!

It was a good day and an event that we can foresee growing even larger in the future. With lots of advertising, it might even become as big as the Irish Festival which is also housed in the same location each August.  Perhaps Slobberfest could be a prelude to the Irish “Slobber Festival” that culminates after too many Celts drink too much green beer and Guinness.

Slobberfest 2009

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