Grand Opening Open House for SOS of Ohio is Saturday, July 26 from 11:30 am to 3 pm.


Join the awesome SOS (Shelter Outreach Services) of Ohio this coming Saturday, July 26 for their Open House from 11:30 am to 3 pm to celebrate the Grand Opening of their new location on the Hilltop at 3121 West Broad Street in Columbus.

When you stop in, you can take a tour of the facility and learn more about the veterinary services that SOS offers to the community. SOS is a non-profit organization that provides low cost, high volume spay and neuter services for cats and dogs, as well as feral cats in traps (you can take cats in traps in without an appointment between 7:30 am to 2 pm, Monday through Friday!).

There will also be kids’ crafts and light refreshments during the Open House. Make sure to find out more about the services they offer for free roaming and feral cats. You’ll be glad you did!

Like SOS of Ohio on Facebook HERE and keep updated on all their events and activities.

SOSNewLocation_GRANDOPENING 062714-2

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Keep Pets Safe this July 4th.

SafePetsOhio-MicrochipPosterV3 copy

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, I want to remind people that their pets don’t enjoy fireworks and loud festivities as much as we humans do (actually, I don’t really like that sort of thing much, either).

When Joe and I have been up to Pastime Park in Plain City for the fireworks and the parade, I’ve noticed a lot of people who bring their dogs along–some of them not even on leashes. All it takes is that first firework exploding in the air to spook even a very laid back dog. And when that happens, often the animal’s first instinct is to bolt.

I can’t imagine how much scarier things must be for dogs at the giant fireworks extravaganza “Red, White, and Boom!” in downtown Columbus! Our Plain City festivities are minuscule by comparison!

Even dogs in their own homes can become frightened and leap fences, break through windows in a panic, or hurt themselves trying to escape the noises of public fireworks displays or even just back yard fire crackers.

So rather than bringing your dogs to fireworks events this year, please leave them at home out of the heat in a safe, quiet spot (crate, bedroom, etc.) where they will not get scared and end up as one more missing pet.

Besides confining your dog to a “happy” place to reduce their fears, there is a product that helps relieve stress in dogs (and cats with anxiety) that are afraid of thunderstorms and other loud noises (which would be perfect for fireworks). The Thundershirt for dogs (and cats!) wraps the dog tightly and applies a gentle pressure to the body.  The constant pressure of the shirt causes the brain to release chemicals that have a calming effect. The Thundershirt can be used for anxiety from loud noises, owner separation, travel, or other stressful events. It can currently be purchased at PetPeople (all locations), Moochies (all locations), and Mutts & Co. at 7549 Sawmill Road. Buy one now in preparation for the Fourth holiday.

Humane societies always have an increase in the number of lost pets coming into the shelter and being reported missing directly after Fourth of July celebrations. In fact, sadly, it is one of the busiest times for missing pets.

If you do decide to take your dog with you to the park, please make sure they are either microchipped or have a collar that fits well with identification tags attached. If your dog does get away, it will be much easier to relocate them if they have some way to be identified. If you cannot find them and the shelter doesn’t know who the dog belongs to, you may never see your beloved canine again.

Because the 4th of July holiday is the worst day for losing pets, especially dogs, and because microchips help to get pets safely home, a new program, Safe Pets Ohio, sponsored by SAVE Ohio Pets and several other local rescue groups, will offer FREE microchipping of pets this coming Saturday, June 28.

The microchip clinic will be held at the Hilltop Bean Dinner in Westgate Park, 455 South Westgate Avenue, in Columbus from 10 am to 5 pm.

Along with a FREE Microchip and registration for your pet, you will also get a FREE bag of Lay’s Chips and a FREE Dirty Franks coupon with the microchip!

Safe Pets Ohio is also being sponsored by Peace for Paws Ohio, PetPromise, PAWS (Powell Animal Welfare Society), Faithful Forgotten Best Friends, Columbus Dog Connection, BarkPark, and Pets without Parents.

Cats are also affected by the noises. Happily, most people don’t bring their cats to see the fireworks, but, even at home, the noises can cause them fear. My sister lives on Main Street here in Plain City and the fireworks are so loud and so close that the vibrations shake her house and panic her cats. She closes up her windows, pulls the blinds, and plays soft music and runs a fan to help relieve the anxiety caused by the rattling fireworks.

For more information on making Independence Day a happy affair for you and your furry babies, check out the links below. And please take your pet to be microchipped this Saturday for FREE!

Click on either of the posters to enlarge them.

Read the ASPCA’s tips HERE.

Read a great article from the Vet Depot HERE.

Read tips from the American Kennel Club HERE.

And from the Humane Society of the United States HERE.

For helpful tips on how to find a lost or stolen pet in Franklin County, please click on the poster below to enlarge it. If you have lost a pet in Union or Madison Counties, please call their shelters to check on your pet.

Union County Humane Society: 937-642-6716

Humane Society of Madison County: 614-879-8368


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Happy Father’s Day to the Terrific Cat Daddies We Know and Love!

Dad and Blinkin

We want to wish all the Cat Daddies we know a very Happy Father’s Day.

Thank you for all that you do and for showing the world that real men are kind to animals.

Have a wonderful day covered in cat hair and surrounded by all the furry faces who love you.



Phil and Blue #3

Winston's Dad

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Join Us for Kitty Palooza on Sunday, June 8!


The event you have been waiting for is finally here: Kitty Palooza! Where else can you find love, lots of furry faces, and good companionship all in one place!?

To celebrate “Adopt a Shelter Kitty” in the month of June, the very first Kitty Palooza will take place at Capital Area Humane Society on Sunday, June 8 from 12 pm to 2 pm in the upstairs training hall.

All cats featured at this event will be spayed and neutered and current on vaccinations.

The groups participating in the very first Kitty Palooza are:

1. A Purrfect Start

2. CHA (Citizens for Humane Action) Animal Shelter

3. Colony Cats

4. Columbus Pet Rescue

5. Cozy Cat Cottage

6. Friends for Life

7. Pet Promise

8. Perfect Pet Adoption Center

Black and Orange and Capital Area will also round out the ten groups that are participating.

You can also buy t-shirts at Kitty Palooza that are being sold by the groups as a fundraiser. The shirts, created by Outfit Good, feature a quote from Pam Brown: “One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to Coming Home.”

The t-shirts sell for $28 and the groups get $7 from each sale. Outfit Good will be joining us at Kitty Palooza on Sunday, so you can pick up your own shirt while you are there!

And take home a kitty to love, too!



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Free Feral Cat Spay Day is May 27, 2014.

Health and Harmony Staff

Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland started Free Feral Cat Spay Day (FFCSD) in 2010. This is their fifth year of asking vets to provide two FREE spays or neuters of feral cats to the public. In 2012, FFCSD went international. Not only did vets in the United States participate, but also those in South Africa and Canada, as well.

Over 700 vet clinics in the United States provided free or reduced cost sterilization services to 5,100 feral cats in 2013. Free Feral Cat Spay Day is meant to build and strengthen relationships between the public and the veterinary community. Sadly, many vets still do not provide low cost options for feral cats, a population that desperately needs all of us working on their behalf.

Last year, the wonderful staff at Health and Harmony Animal Hospital in Grandview participated in Free Feral Cat Spay Day and spayed two feral kitties for us for FREE.

To find out more about Free Feral Cat Spay Day, visit Alley Cat Rescue’s web site HERE.

To find vets in your area who will provide free or discounted services on May 27, go HERE. If you scroll down until you find Ohio (or just click the OH link at the top of the page), you will see that, so far, there are eleven vet clinics that are willing to provide surgeries on Free Feral Cat Spay Day. The clinic closest to us here in Columbus is Grove City Vet Hospital. There are also participating clinics in Pataskala, Heath, Newark, Chillicothe, Warren, Georgetown, Cleveland, and Gallipolis. Check out the site and call the vet offices to find out more.

To LIKE Alley Cat Rescue on Facebook, go HERE.

To read the official press release below, click on it to enlarge it.

FFCSD 2014 Press Release


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Raise Money for Cat Rescue Groups with T-Shirt Sales!

Kitty Quote by Pam Brown

We have been trying for the past year to set up an event for cats similar to the bi-monthly “Mingle with Our Mutts” adopt-a-thon for dogs. And now we have it!

The very first “Kitty Palooza” will be held on Sunday, June 8 to celebrate “Adopt a Shelter Kitty” month in June.

Kitty Palooza will take place at Capital Area Humane Society the second Sunday of each month from 12 pm to 2 pm in the upstairs training hall.  All cats featured at this event will be spayed and neutered and current on vaccinations.

The groups participating in the very first Kitty Palooza are:

1. A Purrfect Start

2. CHA (Citizens for Humane Action) Animal Shelter

3. Colony Cats

4. Columbus Pet Rescue

5. Cozy Cat Cottage

6. Friends for Life

7. Pet Promise

8. Perfect Pet Adoption Center

Black and Orange and Capital Area will also round out the ten groups that are participating. In the future, as more groups want to join, we will have others involved.

In addition, each of the groups will be selling t-shirts (see below–they come in plum and evergreen) as a fundraiser for Kitty Palooza with the funds distributed evenly between each of the organizations.

The shirts feature a quote from Pam Brown: “One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to Coming Home.” Very sweet. We all know that having a kitty at home to greet you is a wonderful thing!

The t-shirts sell for $28 and the groups get $7 from each sale.

To buy your shirt and support many super cats, please go HERE.

And please join us on Sunday, June 8 to meet many cats who would love to share your home with you.



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Find “The One” This Valentine’s Day!

The One

As a member of the Best Friends Animal Society Network Partners, we will be participating in “The One,” a national two-week-long promotion that helps companion animals and people find their true love through adoption this Valentine’s Day.

“The One” event runs from February 14-28. From February 14-16, we will be offering $14 adoption fees for our senior adult kitties and special needs cats. We have several FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) positive cats that are still waiting for their forever homes! Whether you are looking for “dark and mysterious” or “chubby and cuddly,” we have “The One” for you!

To find out more about “The One,” visit Best Friend’s web site HERE.

Here are a few of our selected kitties that we think would be excellent Valentines–and their fees are all reduced to $14 from February 14-16.


1. Taj and Thomas: (Adult Siblings) You’ll need Two Laps for this Pair!

Thomas and his sister, Taj, were abandoned near dumpsters in a senior complex when they were only about a year old. A nice lady helped to find them an awesome home with their former mom and dad who treated all of their cats like their kids. Sadly, their mom died last year and when their dad went into the hospital with heart problems, Taj and Thomas and their two feline friends were taken to a kill shelter where they were slated to be euthanized.

We were able to pull all four cats and save their lives. Now we are looking for a home together for siblings Taj and Thomas who are about 6-7 years old. The two cats are up-to-date on everything and have been spayed/neutered, and tested negative for feline leukemia/FIV.

Their foster mom reports that they are the biggest love bugs ever and compete for lap time. So if you love lap kitties, you will need two laps for Taj and Thomas. These poor cats have really had a stressful few weeks. We want to ensure that they will be safe together for the rest of their lives.

Thomas is the lighter brown colored tabby with the rounder face (above). Taj is the darker colored tabby (below).


There is only one adoption fee of $75 for both cats, but we do want them adopted together. And if you adopt them from February 14-16, the adoption fee is only $14.

Honey Badger

2. Honey Badger: (Special Needs, FIV positive) Tall, dark, and handsome.

Honey Badger is one of our special needs kitties, as he is FIV positive. Honey Badger is so SWEET and will make you more biscuits than Paula Deen! Honey Badger is approximately 5 years old, neutered, and up-to-date on vaccines. If you are interested in meeting him, please call Health and Harmony Animal Hospital in Grandview, where he is residing at 614-360-3941 or stop by!

FIV is not a death sentence. Cats can live very long and happy lives with FIV. The virus can only be spread by a deep bite, so docile FIV positive kitties can live with other non-positive cats, as long as everyone gets along. They can also live with dogs, as it does not get passed from cats to dogs.

Let Honey Badger spend this Valentine’s Day making biscuits in your kitchen…and bedroom, and dining room….

Honey Badger’s motto: “Black is Beautiful.” We think so, too!

3. Thomas O’Malley: (Special Needs, FIV positive) Celtic and Cute!

We think the staff at Health and Harmony gave Thomas O’Malley this Irish name, because he is a stunning “ginger” boy with lovely red hair. Thomas O’Malley was found trying to get food near a dumpster and was trapped and taken for vet care. But after arriving for vet care, it was clear that he was not feral, but he was FIV positive. His caregiver did not want to put him back outside, so he is in need of a home. He is neutered, tested, vaccinated, and ready to head home to a castle or cottage where he can always have “smiling Irish eyes.”


If you would like to provide a forever home for any of these kitties, please Download an application. Once you have filled it out, you can email it back to us at or fax it to 614-873-0972.

Check out all of our other adoptable kitties on Petfinder:

Valentine's day

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Several Ways to Show Your Love of Animals This Valentine’s Day.

I realized just a few days ago that I had not posted anything here since the holidays. With some really cold weather in Ohio, I’ve spent most of January worrying about all of the animals that are outside struggling to survive. Additionally, after finding out about the dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan (and seeing truly gruesome images on Facebook), I’ve felt a bit depressed by all of the sadness that seems to exist in our world.

I always, always try to focus on the positive, so I thought I would use this posting to tell you how you can help chained dogs and dolphins just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The first wonderful project you can take part in will send Valentines to chained dogs.

Have a HeartIf you have never heard of this, I’d like to encourage you to participate in a really neat event that Dogs Deserve Better does each Valentine’s Day. For the Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Valentine Campaign, Dogs Deserve Better (DDB) sends out Valentines to chained and penned dogs. Mailed along with the Valentine is a brochure about bringing dogs into the home and freeing them from their chained existence, as well as a coupon for a dog treat. This is the 12th year that Dogs Deserve Better has been sending out Valentines to neglected canines.

Last year, Dogs Deserve Better, whose mission focuses on freeing dogs from chained and penned lives, sent almost 20,000 Valentines. The goal for 2014 is 21,000 Valentines. In order to do that, DDB needs you!

First of all, they need you to make Valentines for the dogs. If you are a teacher, a student, a group leader (4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts) or someone homeschooling their children, this is a great service project to teach kindness to animals. The Valentines should be no larger than 4″ by 8.5″ so they can fit into an envelope to be mailed. DDB is stressing Quality over Quantity–they want really neat Valentines that will make people think. You can visit their web site to see some of the cool Valentines people made in previous years and also to download high resolution chained dog images to use on your own Valentines. All Valentines must be mailed to Dogs Deserve Better, 1915 Moonlight Road, Smithfield, VA 23430 by February 5–yes, we are running out of time.

Secondly, DDB needs coupons for free or reduced cost treats or dog food. They are aiming at having a coupon to go with every Valentine, so 21,000 coupons. You can mail coupons to the same address: 1915 Moonlight Road, Smithfield, VA 23430.

And finally, DDB needs to know who to send these Valentines to. If you know of a chained or penned dog in your area (we have all seen them–the poor dogs that look miserable in summer heat and bring tears to our eyes when they are covered in drifts of snow), please find the addresses for those dogs and either email them to, call the info in at 757-357-9292, or go online and fill out the information via a form on the web site: HEREYOU WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS!

You can also sponsor the cost of sending 21,000 Valentines by making a donation to Dogs Deserve Better online or by mailing a check to the address listed above. You can also purchase really neat Valentine merchandise when you visit the site to learn how to participate in the 2014 Valentine Campaign.

To find out more about the 2014 Valentine Campaign, go HERE.

To read the official press release, go HERE.

Like DDB on Facebook HERE.

Love Dophins

The second thing you can do this Valentine’s Day will help the dolphins in Taiji’s Cove. If you have never seen the award winning movie, The Cove, (and, to be honest, I could not watch it), let me explain what happens each year in Taiji, Japan.

From September 1 to March of the following year, fishermen herd dolphins in to a cove where they cannot escape. They then brutally slaughter the dolphins for their meat and capture others for sale to marine mammal parks.

One thing to remember is that dolphins, after humans, are the smartest animals on the planet. They form strong bonds with their families and have been known to commit suicide when they are stressed or unhappy. A mother dolphin did just that when her baby, a rare albino dolphin, was captured during this last hunt in the cove. She went under the water and did not resurface for air after her baby was taken from her. These intelligent beings are subjected to the very, very brutal slaughter of their families as the cove waters run red with blood.

You can read a really good article about the dolphin hunt in a Huffington Post blog by Karen Dawn HERE.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians are declaring Valentine’s Day to be “World Love for Dolphins” Day. They are asking people to protest the inhumane dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan by demonstrating at Japanese Embassies and Consulates.

If you cannot join a demonstration, you can send a Valentine for a dolphin to the Japanese Embassy. Print out a dolphin Valentine HERE and mail it to:

Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae

C/O The Embassy of Japan in Washington, D. C.

2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N. W. 

Washington, DC 20008

To find out where and how you can participate in a demonstration on February 14 or to send a Valentine for Dolphin to the Japanese Embassy, go HERE.

You can keep up on all the notifications from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and their Cove Guardians as they monitor the dolphin hunt in the Cove by liking them on Facebook HERE and HERE.

I would also encourage everyone to make a short and respectful phone call to the Japanese Embassy in Washington. When the phone is answered, tell them you wish to leave your comments on the dolphin hunt. You will then be directed to the fisheries department where you will leave a message. Tell them you do not agree with the hunts and ask them to please discontinue this needless slaughter. While signing petitions is great, tying up the phone lines and making a nuisance for the Embassy will send a very loud message for the dolphins.

To call the Japanese Embassy in Washington, D. C.: 202 238 6700

Have a heart for all animals that suffer at the hands of humans. Do something this Valentine’s Day to make a difference!

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